Most of our products are sold on preorder which means, we produce with a zero waste mindset.


We are passionate about building strong and lasting relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, we treat our workers fairly; All our tailors and artisans are well compensated for their hard work. Their work practices and manufacturing quality are up to our standards.


We carefully consider aesthetics, functionality, quality and the impact of our product throughout its life cycle. In our collections we prefer to use quality materials-  breathable fabrics like linen, cotton. Recycled polyester and paper for packaging materials.

In an effort to reduce fabric wastage we re-use the textiles from previous collections in further collection sampling and production.

We keep our packaging to a minimum in order to reduce waste and recycle our packaging materials where possible.

We are modeling a better business” - Our business model has high standards of production to offer consumers quality garments that become timeless pieces. 

We engage local communities and partners so as to preserve our weaving & embroidery crafts as well as broaden the scope of our practices.

We are  innovators - We believe the way to preserve our local crafts from
going extinct is to find new creative and innovative ways of bringing them back to life.

We  find different ways to lower our carbon-footprint, first as producers through the production processes highlighted above also through collaborative efforts- working with agencies giving voice to this cause on various projects 

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We are committed to being a responsible fashion business with eco-design in mind. We see sustainability as a continuous journey and aim to include more and more sustainable pieces in our upcoming collections.