The Zubi collection is a sequel to our previous collection. This body of work seeks to highlight the creative work of our artisans and further develop the aesthetics themes introduced in the former collection .

For this project, we highlighted and explore more the art of zubi embroidery. This embroidery style is an art that originated from the northern part of Nigeria. It provides an artistic and personal signature on creative works making its presentation a practical documentation of cultural heritage. The different patterns created by the embroiderers were used to depict cultural stories, employing the use of different geometric shapes and patterns to create decorative effects on fabrics.

The Zubi collection reimagines a modern woman through a contemporary approach, using delicate fringes and hand woven phoenix yarns to create scalloped patterns of various sizes. Linen, cotton fabrics, lurex organza and tulle are among fabrics that are used, which wraps around the natural female form. Pure and clean lines embody the apparent simplicity of our creations in neutral, earthy and bold tones. Our inspiration delves deeply into the Nigerian culture of celebrations. This is an ancient and sacred institution that is very integral in culture . Our presentation is a collection of timeless signature styles, delicately merged with an enhanced weaving technique; whilst embodying strong and structured silhouettes referencing a historic tradition.